Innovation & Novel Thinking


We want to do our part in strengthening the Nordic eco system for innovative companies. We want our investors to be able to participate in the value creation from more companies choosing the stock market as a platform for growth. Technology and innovation are core to solving challenges in sustainability, environment and social welfare. The Nordic innovation cluster is strong relative the overall size of the region, however fragile in a world of global competition.

We want to actively promote the stock market route for more successful entrepreneurs and companies. We will maintain our investment philosophy and modus operandi, but as independent fund managers we can become even more active in this effort. There are many clever technology investors around the globe, but our focus is to invest in technology and innovation with a Nordic perspective.


Fund management company for Core New Technology (Core Ny Teknik) is Wahlstedt & Partners. Atle Investment Services AB (AIS), owned by Bure Equity, is investment adviser. Carl Armfelt and Erik Sprinchorn are responsibler fund managers.


AIS is an investment adviser under the supervision of the Swedish FSA “Finansinspektionen”. AIS is wholly owned by Bure Financial Services AB. The company received clearance for discretionary fund management in November 2006.

Compliance and Risk Control

Per Grönvall is compliance officer and independent risk controller.

Risk control is mandated to examine and follow up on risks arising in the activities comprising operative risks, financial risks and external risks. The risk control function reports directly to the board of directors.

Compliance is mandated to ensure the company is following applicable rules and regulation as well as providing necessary information and support so that fund management is conducted within the existing rules and guidelines. Compliance reports directly to the board of directors and CEO.

Internal Audit

Leif Lüsch, certified accountant and licensed accountant for financial businesses, is the internal auditor for the Company.

The task of the internal auditor is to evaluate whether the internal control mechanisms, systems and routines in the Company are adequate and effective. Internal audit shall also provide recommendations on measures to improve above functions and audit the implementation of these measures, reporting directly to the board of the Company.

Read about our internal control and risk management: Atle Investment Services Internkontroll och Riskhantering (Swedish)

External Audit

Mikael Klöver, WeAudit, is the external auditor of the Company.

The external auditor annually reviews the accounts and internal processes of the Company and reports directly to the board and CEO.

Central Functions

Patrik Johansson, CEO, is responsible for central functions


Patrik Johansson, CEO, is complaints manager for the Company

Please contact the complaints manager of the company if you feel errors have been made.

Complaints should be directed to: info@atle.se

Personal integrity

The Company handles personal information we attain when entering or during a customer relationship.

Read our integrity policy here: Atle Investment Services Integritetspolicy (Swedish)

For questions regarding our integrity policy or your personal information, please email: info@atle.se

Remuneration policy

Read our remuneration policy here: Atle Investment Services Ersättningspolicy (Swedish)

Financial information

Latest annual report: Årsredovisning 2018 (Swedish)

Information on capital adequacy and handling of liquidity risks: Kapitaltäckning 2019-06-30 (Swedish)