Core New Technology changes its name to TIN New Technology

Finansinspektionen has approved that the Core New Technology fund will change its name to TIN New Technology (‘TIN Ny Teknik’) on April 6, 2020.

Vacker naturmiljö med berg, vatten och skog som signalerar framtidstro. TIN Fonders logotyp.

Having become its own fund company in January 2020, we have now reached a step in TIN Fonder’s business development where it is more logical to name the fund TIN New Technology. We named our first fund Core Ny Teknik before we started in February 2019. Now we have come to the point where we want to simplify and make the fund more clearly associated with the fund company.

“This is a natural step in the development of the fund company,” says Tomas Lundmark, CEO of TIN Fonder. “We moved the fund from an external management company to our own fund company in January and are now taking another logical step in the company’s business development. TIN New Technology following the name change will be more clearly linked to TIN Funds and Carl Armfelt and Erik Sprinchorn as portfolio managers.”

At the same time, we are making minor changes to the fund prospectus. Among other things, we are introducing new share classes, which enable retail investors to buy the fund in euros, Norwegian kroner and British pounds.

“After the name change has been implemented, we will continue our focus on new products. We want to build a digital fund company that invests in technology and innovation. In dialogue with our customers and partners, we intend to launch more funds during 2020” continues Tomas Lundmark, CEO of TIN Fonder.”