Invest in Technology, Health and Digital Brands



Core New Technology is a long only equity fund investing in technology, healthcare and digital brands. It is a fund for those who believe in innovative small caps in the Nordics.

Core New Technology is an actively managed fund with approximately 40-60 holdings. The fund is suitable for long term investors. Profitable companies with strong cash flows are the main focus of the fund. We avoid speculative companies with no visible profits or unit economics. Up to 30 per cent of the fund may be invested outside the Nordics.

The fund is well suited for investors believing that software, healthcare and digital brands will grow in importance in the future. The fund aims to invest sustainably with a belief in technical innovation, dialog and influence as means to push companies toward sustainable value creation.


Erik Sprinchorn TIN Fonder Core Ny Teknik

Erik Sprinchorn

Carl Armfelt TIN Fonder Core Ny Teknik

Carl Armfelt

Erik and Carl have worked together as a team for almost ten years. We started Core Ny Teknik in the belief digital assets will be more valuable in the future. In our view an equity fund with innovative companies should be the core of long term savings.


Fund name: Core New Technology (Core Ny Teknik)
Fund type: Equity fund
Fund managers: Carl Armfelt & Erik Sprinchorn
Fund company: Wahlstedt & Partners
NAV calculation: daily
Management fee: 1.5 percent
Custodian: SEB
Sustainable investing: is integrated into the investment process
Compliance: Nihlmark & Zacharoff Advokatbyrå
Complaints: Malin Houlés malin.houles@ws.se

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