TIN World Tech invests globally in technology-driven growth

TIN World Tech

Risk information Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. The money invested in the fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that an investor will get back all the invested capital. Please read Fact Sheets (KIID) and prospectuses available on our website or contact a distributor. The fund TIN World Tech has marketing approval in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Newcomer of the Year + Bank of the Year = A Unique Combination

We are now launching the fund TIN World Tech in a unique partnership with Avanza. The fund has a broad mandate, enabling you to invest in innovative companies across the world within technology, health and sustainability. The fund can be found at Avanza under the name Avanza World Tech by TIN.

”We're living in an digital age”

Investment Strategy

TIN World Tech is an actively managed equity fund investing globally in technology, health and sustainability. The fund’s focus is on profitable, cash flow positive mid cap companies. A target for the fund is that at least half of the portfolio should consist of products or services that have a positive impact on the world.

The fund could be suitable for those who believe in a growing importance of software, health and sustainability. We attempt to find companies that can produce both high growth and profitability through innovation.

Within sustainability we put a premium on companies with low carbon footprint and focus on dematerialized growth. We believe investments in renewable energy, clean tech, data security, electrification and digitalization.

How do I buy the fund TIN World Tech?

The fund is available for purchase exclusively through our partner Avanza under the name of Avanza World Tech by TIN.

For those who want to invest in

  • Global technology-driven growth
  • Innovative companies have better opportunities to grow their profits.
  • Technology is a key factor for a more sustainable world

Investment process

We believe that company meetings is key in finding the right investments and therefore we strive towards having at least 400 company meetings per year. When finding the right companies, we believe in long term investing. Durable value creation and quality are two key words when we invest in companies. We believe that the long term potential in digital assets is underestimated and during the forthcoming 15+ years we will see a redistribution of value from those who own old technology to those who own new technology.

We also believe that that the development in technology is the key to a more sustainable future. With new technology economies can continue to grow without draining the resources of our planet. We want to invest in companies that contributes to this evolution. Through the fund’s investments we hope to finance companies that will make the world a better place.

TIN World Tech A SEK

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Since inception

Frequently asked questions

The fund’s ongoing charges are 1,52%.

Avanza World Tech by TIN  is a feeder fund that invests in TIN World Tech. In practical terms Avanza’s fund invests 100% of their assets in TIN World Tech.

The fund invests globally in innovative companies in tech or health, with a focus of companies that has strong growth and high profitability. At least 50 % of the fund’s holdings shall be products or services that TIN Fonder considers to have an evident effect on the UNPD’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe that there is large demand in a global fund that has the unique combination of technology and health. The technology development is global and we find a lot of interesting investments within as well as outside the Nordic region.

At least 50 % of the fund’s holdings shall be products or services that TIN Fonder considers to have an evident effect on the UNPD’s Sustainable Development Goals. The fund also excludes sectors such as cluster bombs, landmines, chemical and biological weapons, nuclear weapons, pornography, coal, tobacco, commercial casino and alcohol.

Fund managers

Förvaltare av fonden TIN Ny Teknik, Carl Armfelt.

Carl Armfelt

Carl has worked with equities and investments since 2007 at Brummer & Partners, Credit Agricole Cheuvreux, Nordea and Swedbank Robur.

Förvaltare av fonden TIN Ny Teknik, Erik Sprinchorn

Erik Sprinchorn

Erik has worked with equities and portfolio management since 1995 at Swedbank Robur, SEB Enskilda, Alecta and Brummer & Partners.


Fund facts

Fund managers Erik Sprinchorn & Carl Armfelt
Fund type Equity fund
Launch date 2020-06-12
Starting NAV 100 SEK
Dealing Daily
Management fee 1.5%
Fund management company TIN Fonder
Custodian SEB
Sustainability Is integrated into the investment process