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Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. The money invested in the fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that an investor will get back all the invested capital. Please read Fact Sheets (PRIIP) and prospectuses available on our website or contact a distributor.

Erik's suggestions for healthy retirement savings.

Retirement might feel like it's far away, or maybe not. Regards, there's an immediate profit in starting to save. By postponing consumption from today to sometime in the future, we're winning things: the ability to live on a smaller income today, and also the opportunity to live more flexibly in the future. Even if you're not sure how you want to spend your retirement savings, it will still contribute to a feeling of safety and self-esteem.

Do I need to save for retirement privately?

In practice, a retirement savings plan can fulfill several needs. You can create an additional source of income to complement the public pension system. The savings can also act as a reserve in case of an unforeseen expense. You can also look to future generations. Our future needs are uncertain and hard to predict and we can't know for sure if society will be able to help us.

Everyone has a reson to think about their retirement

Regardless of whether retirement is coming soon or if it's far from now we typically have long-term thinking when it comes to savings. Typically, this means we can accept a higher ratio of equity than in a short-term savings plan. This is something that makes innovative growth companies especially interesting for retirement savings. The longer our investment horizon is, the stronger the effect of compounding interest will be.

We're convinced that digitalization will continue.

We also believe that innovation will continue to be the driving force for economic growth. Often times we overestimate growth in the short term but underestimate it in the long term. This makes innovative companies the perfect retirement investment in our eyes.

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