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Joel's tips for successful savings for children

For many new parents savings for their child is not the first thing you think of. Everyday life, sleep, and love occupy a large part of our thoughts. And adult life for the children feels far away, it can wait until tomorrow, right? But ask any parent och grandparent. Time flies, from changing diapers to school and graduation.

Joel answers some of the most common questions people think about when starting saving for a child.

What are the benefits of saving for your children?

Except for the capital, savings that grow over time can also inspire your child to have a healthy attitude toward money and consumption. By involving our children in their savings gradually we give them better possibilities to be able to balance their economy in the future. They will likely be more prepared than someone who receives a lump sum and does not understand the time that went into making that savings grow.

How much do I need to save?

To get started with savings from nothing be feel overwhelming or impossible at first. But with long-term savings in funds with the support of the child allowance for example it's possible to get very far over time. Since we're investing for far into the future an equity fund is an option.

Time is your best friend

The most important thing is to get started as soon as possible since compounding interest is the most powerful in the end over savings plan. The best thing would have been to get started yesterday, but the second best option is to start today.

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