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Carls' analysis of the gaming sector.

Like many others, the gaming sector is dependent on Moore's law. Which says that the number of semiconductors doubles in efficiency every other year, at the same price. This means that computers and graphics cards are constantly improving which in turn means that gaming companies can realize their wildest and most creative ideas. If you look back at the past you can compare to fat pixels of the past with the almost photo-realistic graphics of today.

Why do you invest in gaming?

Gaming is steadily growing in popularity. The fact is, the gaming sector is the largest in the entertainment business. Video games are no longer just a time killer for the young, it now has a much wider audience. Since almost all games today are distributed digitally there are great opportunities for business models with high profitability.

A sector with strong brands

Digital distribution gives a wide reach and high profitability. This, of course, means there are new products and companies every day. That's why it's ever so important to have a portfolio of strong brands to stand out. Only the companies that cherish their community and invest in making quality products are interesting as investment prospects.

Sector with innovation

When Nintendo broke through with their console in the '80s the gaming experiences were linear. Nowadays the worlds and gaming engines are extremely complex. This has created the way for user-generated content, that is, items or experiences that are created by the players instead of the developers. The players can unleash their creativity and be rewarded while also giving other players an almost infinite supply of content.

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