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Erik's thoughts about the health sector.

On average, we live longer and in many cases also healthier lives. While this is of course a good thing, it creates challenges for the healthcare system. Will we have enough resources to handle an increase in the number of people with a bigger need for health care?

Digital aids are a must-have to manage future challenges in healthcare.

That goes for the whole sector, from the development of new medicines and Medtech devices to more efficient caretaking of the elderly at home.

Software is a driving force

Software is used in a wide array of products, like calculating optimal vaccine structures or using AI to diagnose and optimize planning. There's also strong innovation in hardware, where we're generally moving towards smaller, better and cheaper devices.

Robotics is a huge help for healthcare staff

Robots are not likely to replace the people working in healthcare, but robotics can be of huge assistance to healthcare staff so they can help more people in a more efficient manner. Endovascular operations (That is when you enter the bloodstream through the groin all the way up to the heart or brain) are a good example of this. We are all unique individuals and have a unique bloodstream. With the help of software from the Swedish company Mentice, the surgeons can simulate the journey through your bloodstream. A well-prepared surgery is faster and has a higher success rate.

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