The Nordic tech miracle

The Nordics might just be the most attractive region in the world for investors. Our population is tech savvy and well-educated. The Nordic market is also limited for the tech companies in the region which makes them expand globally at an early stage of their journey. This creates innovation in the area and the possibilities for global success.

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A lot of innovation in the region

We find innovative small and mid-caps especially interesting. Having a focus on that market cap and geography has had good returns historically and we believe the future is looking bright as well. Sweden, together with Switzerland and Australia are the markets that have given the highest returns in the last 100 years.

Sweden has outperformed

There are several reasons why the Swedish market has been an outperformer. We're well educated and there's a stable climate for doing business. Add to this, the fact that the Nordic market is limited, and companies are forced to expand internationally. All of these are some of the pieces that make up a successful listed company.

Internationall tech companies

The success of Spotify has been important for the tech cluster in Sweden. They have shown that it's possible to go from a business idea to a fully-fledged listed company with a market cap of 200 billion SEK in just 15 years.

Cluster of innovative companies

Epidemic Sound is one of the companies that were inspired by Spotify. In the early days of Spotify, the founder Oscar Höglund and Jan Zachrisson were impressed by the services Ek and Lorentzon had built. Since then, Epidemic has taken huge steps toward its vision to "Soundtrack the world". But Spotify has not been the only source of inspiration. Previous employees and investors in the streaming company have reinvested capital in the Swedish tech cluster. TIN New Technology already has a stake in Epidemic Sound and we're looking forward to getting to meet and invest in more innovative Nordic companies.

We feel very fortunate to get to work with asset managment in one of the world best regions for investments.

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