We believe in the future.

TIN New Technology is investing in Technology, Health and Digital brands.

TIN New Technology 1D*

TIN New Technology 2022

TIN World Tech 1D**

TIN World Tech 2022

Risk information Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. The money invested in the fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that an investor will get back all the invested capital.

*NAV , , Historic Performance
**NAV , , Historic Performance

TIN Live

TIN Live Q2 ’22

On the 18th of May at 18.00, we’re going live, we’ll focus on Q&A. Feel free to ask questions in the chat on YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, or Facebook.

TIN Funds are investing in Technology and Health


Software keeps eating the world. We try to find niche winners or companies that thanks to strong products and/or services can produce high growth and profitability over time.


Medical technology is absolutely vital for a community where we maintain health into older ages. Our aim is to find companies that through patents and innovation can find growth and superior profitability.

Digital brands

Fortnite, Minecraft and Battlefield are global examples of how digital brands and digital worlds will be more and more important in the future.


Technology + Innovation = Sustainability. Technological development is the only way to reach a carbon neutrality. Green Tech which is more profitable than old technology is the right way going forward.

Our Funds

TIN World Tech
  • World class active management
  • Focus on technology, health and sustainability
  • Investing worldwide
TIN New Technology
  • World class active management
  • Focus on technology, health and digital brands
  • Investing mainly in the nordics

How do I buy the fund TIN World Tech?

The fund is available for purchase exclusively through our partner Avanza under the name of Avanza World Tech by TIN.

Fund managers

Förvaltare av fonden TIN Ny Teknik, Erik Sprinchorn

Erik Sprinchorn

Erik Sprinchorn has worked in equities since 1995 at Swedbank Robur, SEB Enskilda, Alecta and Brummer & Partners.

Förvaltare av fonden TIN Ny Teknik, Carl Armfelt.

Carl Armfelt

Carl Armfelt has worked in equities since 2007 at Brummer & Partners, Cheuvreux, Nordea and Swedbank Robur.

Driving forces


Innovative companies are better equipped to grow their revenues, earnings and shareholder value than the economy as a whole.

Small caps

Have better growth prospects and more entrepreneurial spirit. Smaller companies are to a larger extent mis-analyzed and also more involved in accretive corporate deals.

The nordics

Is an attractive investment region for smaller, innovative companies. The region is characterized by stable politics, a strong business culture and sound corporate governance.


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How do we work?

Meeting the companies

Meeting companies face to face is key to finding good investments and core to our investment process. We meet approximately 400 companies per year.

Long term investment

If we find the right companies to invest in time works with and not against us. Sustainable profitability and quality are key to our investments.

Digital age

The long-term potential of digital assets are underestimated. Next 15+ years there will be a reallocation of value from those who own old technology to those who own new technology.


We do not think you need to be a programmer or medical doctor to invest in software and health. However, we see a need for passion for enterprise, entrepreneurship and digging into the heart of business models.

Novel thinking

We believe we must continuously reevaluate and update our investment process. If facts change, so must we.


Innovation and corporate value generation happens in clusters. We want to help keep the best entrepreneurs and companies in the Nordics. We deplore selling our digital gems to the first best bidder.

Frequently asked questions

The fund TIN Ny Teknik is available for purchase at most of the Swedish banks and pension platforms such as Avanza, Nordnet, SEB, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Skandia. For a full list of distributors, please click here.


The fund TIN World Tech is available for purchase exclusively through our partner Avanza under the name of Avanza World Tech by TIN.

Yes, you can buy TIN Fonder’s funds directly from us. As of now we offer ISK and fund accounts for Swedish citizens and companies. We also offer the possibility to save monthly and saving as a gift.

The fund TIN New Technology is available for purchase at most of the Swedish banks upon demand. Please contact the bank in question and ask if the fund is available in their range or contact us so that we can guide you. Please contact us if the is a platform where the fund is not available for purchase.


The fund TIN World Tech is available for purchase exclusively through our partner Avanza under the name of Avanza World Tech by TIN.

We believe in open dialogue. Please contact us if you have any input or ideas on where we can improve or companies that you think that we should look at. On several occasions in the past our customers have been the ones recommending us to look at a company.

We believe in keeping the best digital companies in Sweden and in the Nordics. In order to support growth and welfare in the region we want to actively prevent our best digital companies to be bought by foreign companies. We also believe that others should do the same. We also want to work actively for more IPOs on the Nordic stock markets.